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waza! is a Berlin based game development studio with a focus on education. We do not just create serious games but combine compelling entertainment with topics that encourage reflection and learning. Whether on smartphones, online or the PC: our games dare to make fun without giving up serious content.

In addition to game concepts, we also develop workshop formats, gamejams and lectures for companies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. We care about the gaming culture, want to take computer games seriously as a cultural technique and make it accessible to all. Every waza! project should at least make the world a little bit better.

For this purpose, we combine in our team both technical, artistic and scientific know-how. Founded in 2014 by industry veterans André Schmitz and Prof. Eric Jannot, waza! today has years of experience to master a variety of challenges. Do not hesitate to contact us!
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Games motivate learning, encourage communication, optimize processes and are fun. For our clients we develop customized gamification solutions, that playfully create better work and education environments.


waza! brings together expertise on political education, game culture and software development. We pass it on to our clients in a competent and entertaining way – no matter if as a workshop, gamejam or lecture.

App Development

You want a news game on current topics or need a digital tool for educational work? From conception to design to technical implementation, we realize the visions of our customers.



Sani Fighter - Its Time To Fight Back!

The hardest job in the world. A night in Hamburgs red light district. Save the patient. Beat up the gawpers. Get the highscore. Developed for the satire online channel Bohemian Browser Ballett.


KonterBUNT - Take Action For Democracy

With »KonterBUNT« you can learn how to react to everyday prejudices through multiple choice quiz and an extensive library of communication strategies. Developed for Lower Saxony Centre For Political Education.

waza! Games Pieces of Data Concept Art

Pieces of Data

»Pieces of Data« is a data horror game planned for 2020 on iOS and Android. Can you really trust your smartphone?


Moving Tomorrow

In this adventure game commissioned by the ESCP Europe Business School the students learn intercultural skills.



For the Erasmus+ funded project »CDG4E« we are developing a game creator tool aimed at students and educators.


Fake It To Make It

In the serious game »Fake It To Make It« localized by waza! the players learn about the mechanisms behind fake news.


Luca und ein verhängnisvoller Sommer

»Luca und ein verhängnisvoller Sommer« educates children about the dangers of cyberbullying and cybergrooming on the Internet.

No Male Heroes

»No Male Heroes« is a news game about sexist tropes in the gaming culture..

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waza! UG

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Email: contact@wazaservices.de 

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